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Canoe & kayak rentals

We rent high quality single and double kayaks, ww-kayaks, indian canoes, rafts and other paddling and camping equipment. Range of our boats include: 

Single all-round kayaks: Prijon Enduro 450 / Prijon Yukon Expedition / Prijon Seayak 520. Single white-water kayaks: Prijon Pure M / Dagger Mamba 8,1


Double kayaks: Prijon Excursion EVO

Canoes: NovaCraft PROSPECTOR 16′ SP3 / 17' SP3 (2 and 3 seats) 


Rental price for canoes and single kayaks: 50 €/day, 35 €/extra days. 

Rental price for double kayaks - 60 €/day, 40 €/ extra days. 

Price include: paddles, helmets, lifejackets, spray decks and rudders for kayaks. 60L waterproof barrel per canoe. 

If needed, we can provide you with dry suits, dry bags, tents and other paddling and camping equipment. Please ask.

Rental price for dry suits (palm cascade, sizes M-XL): 30€ /day,  20 €/extra days.

100 litres dry bag - 25 euros per trip.

Set of small 5 x 20 litres dry bags for kayaks - 25 euros per trip.

We also rent out kayak trailer (only if you rent kayaks from us): 20€ /day, 10 €/extra days.

In case if loosing / damaging equipment to the condition that it is not possible to fix it, we charge 70% of the of the price of new item (or the price of new spare parts if repair works are possible). 

We also offer canoe / kayak transportation (trailer + max. 8 persons in the car) to put-in and take-out points.  

Transportation to most popular put-in / take-out points: 

Ivalo (Saariselkä) - Kuttura (lower starting point on Ivalojoki river) - 150 /group
Ivalo - Ivalon-Matti (upper starting points on Ivalojoki river) - 23/group
Ivalo - Lisma (upper starting points on Ivalojoki river) - 25/group
Tolonen or Ivalo (take-out points on Ivalojoki river) - Ivalo - 50 /group.
Öhman parking place (nearest put-in / take-out point on Inari lake) - Ivalo - 5/group.

Transportation to other destinations: 30€ / start + 1,6€ / km.

Lake route possibilities:
Inarijärvi, one of the biggest lakes in Finland with over 3000 islands, offers kayakers a vast number of starting points and routes. Possible to plan your kayak adventure from one day up to several weeks.  

River routes in Inari for multiday trips: 

Ivalojoki river route description 

Lisma village - Ivalon-Matti (bridge) - 21 km
Ivalon-Matti - Kuttura - 41 km 
Kuttura - Tolonen - 48 km 
Tolonen - Ivalo (bridge) - 26 km
Ivalo - Veskoniemi harbour - 18 km
Ivalo - Ukonjarvi lake (Öhman parking place) - 22 km